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—  THE BAR  —

Join us for a seasonal cocktail in our heated and covered outdoor courtyard or in our cosy dining area

—  Seasonal cocktail MENU  —

Enjoy one of our seasonal cocktailsYour favourite classics are always available…just let us know what you fancy today

Autumn Leaves
A Harmony of flavours like the original tune
Earl grey kaffir leaf Tanqueray, Benedictine, lemon, sugar, grapefruit bitters

Three Kings
Fruity and exotic
Vodka, Maraschino liquor, lychee, lime,
homemade sandalwood & cardamom syrup

Eden's Flower
Fresh, green and uplifting
 Gin, cucumber, apple,
elderflower cordial, lemon, homemade eucalyptus
and pennyroyal

Chelsea Winter Punch
“Winter is coming…”
Panettone rum, Punt e Mes vermouth,
lemon, mulled wine, honey

Courtyard Mulled Wine
Our unique secret recipe…




Our resident cocktail conjurer, has a rich background in the drinks industry. Hailing from Padua in Northern Italy, he began his training in a cocktail bar there in 2001. His career has taken him all over the world, from Andalucia to Brazil, where he developed his craft in the fine art of cocktail making. Resident in London since 2010, he gained experience in luxury hotels and experimental cocktail bars, using a wealth of ingredients including herbs, roots and unique spirits. Stefano has joined us at The Chelsea Courtyard from his position as Head Bartender at the Bassoon Bar at the five star Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall, having previously overseen the iconic Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel.

Craveable. Deep. Round and rich
Tequila, Frangelico, Nutella,
100% cocoa powder and black pepper

Spicy and fresh, the perfect blend
Matcha vodka, lime, almond syrup, ginger, wasabi

D&B Old Fashioned    
The Old Fashioned, reinvented...intense and aromatic
Copper Dog Whisky, chocolate bitters, homemade Burdock
and dandelion syrup

Magic G&T
Gin and tonic comes alive
Magic Thai flower infused Tanqueray, tonic
Chai Espresso
We dare you to try our Vodka-Espresso revival. Bitter-sweet and spiced
Chai infused vodka, Frangelico, Caravan Coffee Roasters espresso,
homemade cinnamon syrup