Our Story


— Welcome to the chelsea courtyard —



Tucked away between two beautiful Victorian buildings
of the former Chelsea Registry office and Brompton Hospital,
now transformed into elegant office space, The Chelsea Courtyard
provides a unique outdoor venue for delicious food and drinks,
from morning to evening with speciality cocktails.

Alternatively, try our indoor café and art gallery,
or our secret Library and Den which is also available for private parties. 

The Chelsea Courtyard also acts as a showcase for our flagship, The
Chelsea Gardener store, 100 yards further up the street.

Here, you can enjoy our coffee and cocktails while sitting comfortably
in our elegant garden furniture to get a flavour of what you could have
in your garden, whilst surrounded by fountains, garden ornaments, plants
and lighting, all of which are available on sale from
The Chelsea Gardener

The Chelsea Gardener opened its doors on 1 June 1984 and has become
a landmark of elegant outdoor living and an oasis of luxuriant foliage
where you can browse at leisure. The Chelsea Gardener group has recently
expanded into The Palace Gardener on Fulham Palace Road, and has a
fast-growing Landscape and Maintenance group, available for everything
from a quick tidy up to a full-scale garden design and construction service.